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    Welcome to Global Operations Group Ukraine Aid

    On February 24, 2022, the Russian military invaded Ukraine and began their onslaught on civilian apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, and critical infrastructure. The Ukrainian defensive forces comprised of active military, reservists and volunteers are bravely defending their homeland. Meanwhile, the civilian population suffers unimaginable losses, injuries, and death from Russian missiles and bombs, as well as exposure to harsh winter conditions, lack of food, medicine, and shelter.

    Global Operations Group Ukraine Aid, Inc., is a U.S. based 501(c)(3)* charitable non-profit foundation with a mission to support the Ukrainian people during the current military attack by Russia. Our fundamental goal is to rapidly provide funds and supplies for humanitarian and survival needs to those who need it the most.

    About Us
    About Us
    About Us

    What We Provide

    Humanitarian Aid and other supplies are sent directly into Ukraine with assistance from Ukrainian government agencies, Ukrposhta (Ukraine's National Post), and NGO's located in Eastern Europe and Ukraine.

    What You Can Provide

    Donated Funds

    Used to purchase needed humanitarian, medical, rescue and survival supplies.

    Donations In Kind

    Donations of humanitarian, medical, rescue and survival supplies.

    Logistical Assistance

    Logistical assistance for transport and delivery to the people who need it the most.

    How we get it done

    Through volunteers on the ground in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

    Other Non-Profits aligned with our purpose

    Ukrainian government agencies

    UkrPoshta - direct deliveries from U.S. to Ukraine.

    Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine - logistical support and distribution.

    Success stories

    Your generosity and support has allowed us to support the Ukrainian people during this time of need. 100% of your donations went to purchase and ship vital medications, clothing, bedding, food, first aid kits and protective/rescue gear that saved lives. On behalf of the Ukrainian people, THANK YOU!

    Raised funds
    over $518,000

    Medications and  Food
    Medications and Food

    KLIK.SOLUTION, Baltimore, MD

    • 2.2 Tons (4,880 lbs) of medication.
    • Food.
    • Personal items and clothing.

    JLK Insurance Group, Baltimore, MD

    • $1,000 and 100% of proceeds from existing and new cyber security policies in 2022 to support Ukraine.
    91,000 Meals
    91,000 Meals

    McClancy Food & Flavors, Fort Mill, SC

    • 19 pallets, 13,528 lbs (6.8 tons). Delivered to Lysychansk, Bkhmut, and Novodryzhesk.
    27,800 Meals
    27,800 Meals

    McClancy Food and Flavor, Fort Mill, SC

    • 6 pallets, 4,200 lbs (2.1 tons). Delivered to Lysychansk, Bkhmut, and Novodryzhesk.
    15,520 Meals
    15,520 Meals

    Rhee Bros., Inc., Baltimore, MD

    • 14 pallets, 8,415 lbs (4.2 tons).
    • 2,624 cases of soups.
    246 IFAKs
    246 IFAKs

    GOG Ukraine Aid

    • 246 Individual First Aid Kits with C-A-T Tourniquets, Gauze, QuickClot, HyFin Chest Vents.

    Management And Board Members

    Meet our leadership! Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us for additional information and to ask us anything about Ukraine and the current crisis.

    Alexander Chizhik

    President/Board Member

    Arthur Olshansky

    Board Member

    Stuart Amos

    Board Members


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